Giraffa Tours are a unique, exciting and connective urban experience. This is your chance to get acquainted with Tel-Aviv’s markets in all their glory.

We’ve gathered the best guides in the market- who live the city, know it like the back of their hand and most of all- love it! We went from stall to stall, listening to amazing stories, learning their history and tasting everything we saw- all so we could give you a tour that is the epitome of bliss. Get away from the world with us for two hours and find an authentic, moving and exciting experience.

With so much food that you’ll have to loosen your belt, so much wine that you’ll have to watch your step and fascinating encounters with the people who make the markets what they are- we promise you that you will never forget our tours (actually…that depends on how much wine you’ll be drinking:)

הנה כמה רעיונות וכמו שאתם מכירים אותנו
גם השמים הם לא הגבול !


הרשימה מתחילה כאן ולא עוצרת בדמיונות הכי פרועים שלכם,
דברו איתנו מהר מהר לפני שכל התאריכים נתפסים.


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