The box that keeps on surprising throughout your weekend. Items from 15 different businesses in Tel-Aviv’s markets. Everything is freshly packed on delivery, straight to your door. This box contains, among other things, a premium bottle of wine, boutique beer, halva, fresh vegetables, artisan chocolate, pesto, unique delicatessen delicacies, mixed nuts, fresh pastry, herbal tea infusion, freshly ground coffee and boutique olive oil. Our boxes are made by a social business employing at-risk youth.  

*The contents of the box differ per existing market stock.

Who is it for? For people who feel like spoiling themselves by going all out. This box is so packed that we’re not sure we’re going to be able to close it


Our coffee box is an opportunity to get a taste of three rare family roasting houses located in the markets of Tel Aviv.

“Atlas” Coffee from the Levinsky Market – a family business that has existed for decades and owns one of the first three coffee machines in the country.

“Levi” / “Mizrahi” Cafe from Hatikva Market.

“Cohen” Cafe from the Carmel Market – the historic cafe that has been located there since 1935.

A perfect and unique coffee Box! An original gift with an added value.

What’s in the box?
Who’s it for?

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שינויים בארגז COFFEE BREAK

שדרוגים לארגז COFFEE BREAK

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