Holy Moses Box

620 ₪

Instead of sending the box to the Nile, we will send it to your home, with the most worthwhile products that Passover has to offer. You can pass the box from generation to generation ;) A particularly festive and pampering Passover package.

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What's inside the box
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  • A bottle of red wine from Cumulus grapes, by Pelter Winery from the Golan Heights. (“Matar” series)
    • Excellent olive oil from “Ptora” family boutique, 500 ml
    • An orange cake from a secret recipe by the mythical “Puny” confectionery, Levinsky Market
    • Egyptian Doa from the “Hatikva” Market
    • A natural flower infusion by “Idan Hapri”
    • “Bini” – a cool wine clasp from Monkey Business design
    • A sack full of walnuts and pecans
    • A bouquet of Ornithogalum flowers, freshly hand-picked from the field
    • “Haroset” jar by “Ptora” – family boutique
    • Pralines filled with yuzu, raspberry and award-winning nut cream, by chocolatier Ronen Aflalo
    • A pair of noble candles for the holiday table
    • Hazelnut cocoa spread from the “Tzoof” farm, the spread that will save the matzot on the holiday 🙂
    • “Puny’s” chocolate brownies

Everything comes in a large, ecological wooden box, for reuse.

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  • איסוף עצמי ללא עלות מבית הגירפה בתל אביב מתאפשר בין השעות 10:00 - 18:00 ביום המשלוח הנבחר. יש לבחור "איסוף עצמי" באפשרויות המשלוח בשלב התשלום

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