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Carmel Experience

Independent food tour in the Carmel market - your way

What's the plan?

A food tour where only you decide where, when, how much and how. An independent tour of the Carmel Market is a tour that is entirely guided by our market expert – the well-known documentarist Dedi Dadovitch , who just recently became Giraffe’s dedicated WhatsApp bot. He will accompany you between the stations, explain, direct and most importantly – pay on the spot.

The tour is at your own pace and at your convenience, and we also allow the order to be messed up.

Tour Type

Cost per couple


Tour Length

Minimum an hour and a half

No. of Stations


Gifts to take home from the market

Navigation and guidance via WhatsApp

Informational videos on your phone

Digital food couple tour

Digital food couple tour, who are you taking?

What are we eating?

The tour consists of 6 food and drink stops where at each stop (almost!) you can choose between 2 different options:

Lachuch with egg | Yemenite bakery

The big hummus competition of the market

Pita Sabich | Pita Kebab

Freshly squeezed juice

Burekas with egg | Yemeni falafel

Italian ice cream | Acai dessert

Business Hours

Sunday -

Monday - Thursday -

Friday -

*Please note that on Fridays, waiting times may be longer than usual

*You can choose a gluten-free/vegan tour when starting the tour on whatsapp (valid for both participants).

Carmel Experience
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