Sangria Chic

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Sangria package with edible flowers from Yarokla, made by the best Israeli farmers - the ultimate Shavuot drink. A particularly festive and photogenic Shavuot package!

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שינויים בארגז Sangria Chic

What's inside the box
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  • A bottle of Chardonnay from “Midbar” Winery
  • Colorful edible herbs by “Yarokale”
  • Spice plant (varies)
  • Three types of seasonal fruits that are suitable for sangria, selected by “Guy – the farmer”.
  • A bottle of Sparkling water
  • Cinnamon sticks and cloves for seasoning
  • Everything is packaged in a reusable champagne bag – for serving cold and chilled sangria
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  • איסוף עצמי ללא עלות מבית הגירפה בתל אביב מתאפשר בין השעות 10:00 - 18:00 ביום המשלוח הנבחר. יש לבחור "איסוף עצמי" באפשרויות המשלוח בשלב התשלום

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