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The king of the market - a gift package from the market that never ceases to amaze! Items from over 15 different places in the markets of Tel Aviv and abroad - all made in Israel. A perfect and especially unique gift package - the perfect (and rare) wine of Pelter Winery, a yeast cake that is well known all over the city, award-winning olive oil, pralines that came in second place in the world, a special halva of "Halva Kingdom", (pineapple The king of fruits :)), A freshly baked bread, a monster cookie and many more special products. Everything is packaged fresh and on the day of delivery and arrives right at your doorstep. The boxes are manufactured by an ecological carpentry shop. An original and special gift!

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  • A bottle of boutique wine from Pelter Winery
  • Botlle of Arak by “Yuda” 200 ml
  • A big, fresh and yummy yeast cake
  • A bottle of 750 ml olive oil from “Einot Kedem” – a social agricultural farm in the south of the country / “Ptora – a family boutique”
  • Bouquet of “Bini Bouquet” from Levinsky Market (comes out of the box)
  • An organic dates honey bottle from Einot Kedem Farm
  • Pineapple / Strawberries / Mango / Figs (Seasonal)
  • Halva jar by the “Kingdom of Halva”
  • Halva coated pecans
  • Ronen Aflalo’s handmade pralines quartet
  • Unique jar of vegeterian Spread by “Ptora – Family Boutique”
  • Peppers stuffed with cream / “Labane” (Yogurt cheese) balls in olive oil by Amiga Deli in Hatikva Market
  • Full-size whole-wheat bread loaf by “Hamozi” bakery (Friday only – fresh and huge challahs!)
  • Tea Infusion by “Tavlinsky” from Lewinsky Market
  • A pampering jar of olives
  • Atlas coffee from the Lewinsky market / Levi coffee from the Hatikva market
  • 2 jars of freshly grounded spices
  • Manchego / Picorino / Gouda cheese from “Amiga” Deli
  • Special Edition Honey Jar from the “Ptora” boutique farm
  • Fresh fruits Sesonal mix (vary)
  • Monster Cookie by Honey Lulu

** Packed in a huge wooden box built especially for us by an ecological carpentry shop. Great for reuse!

Comes with a bouquet of “Bini Bouquet”

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