Sweet Miriam Box

400 ₪

Beautiful box, inside and out! Original passover gift - A perfect collection of items.

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What's inside the box
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  • A bottle of merlot by “Tulip” Winery, Kfar Tikva
    • An orange cake in a secret recipe by “Puny” Confectionery, from the Levinsky Market
    • A pair of noble candles for the holiday table
    • Cashew truffles from Levinsky market
    • A bouquet of dried flowers that will add color to your holiday table
    • “Haroset” jar by “Ptora” – family boutique
    • Boutique chocolate by the Tel Aviv (and global) chocolate queen “Ika” chocolate
    • Handmade lavender caramel toffees from “Fensters”
    • A bottle of Cortina olive oil from the “Cindianat Hagalil” Association, 250 ml

Comes in a stunning open wooden box for reuse.

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