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440 ₪ Starting from-

Team toast package. A mix of bakeries, delis, farmers and everything that is simply delicious and fresh fresh.

Recommended Supplements:

Picnic tablecloth, because if you already have a picnic then a checkered red map
A bottle of wine that fits your budget

Too expensive? Write in your quote what your exact budget is, our creative team will know exactly where you can offset without compromising chassis quality

Chassis cost: 450₪+ VAT

Extra picnic tablecloth: 35₪+ VAT

Extra bottle of White Tulip: 65₪ + VAT

What the box contains
  • Organic juice of Neot Smadar
  • Sliced bread of the publisher
  • Sweet Florentine cookies made of honey from “Boulangerie 96”
  • Camembert and Manchego of Ivry Dairy
  • Abramento Deli’s Equal Olive Mix
  • Aunt Berta’s artichoke spread
  • Honey of a wild apiary for a sweet bite with cheese
  • Amiga Deli Egg, Eggplant and Tuna Salad
  • Fruit of the season – what is sweetest and freshest
  • Perishable plates, cups and sum
  • An apple cooler for the holiday atmosphere you’ll have to fight about at the end of the picnic

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