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The Carmel market and the Yemenite vineyard – kosher

A kosher Carmel tour that is everything but parve ;)
Starts from 235 NIS per person

What's the plan?

שעת התחלה לסיור

No. of Stations

Tour Length

2.5 Hours

Wine in abundance

Israeli boutique wineries


Up to 20 persons

Kosher Style

כשר בלי תעודות

Gluten Free Option


Come hungry!
This is not a tasting tour, this is a food tour!


More info about the tour

After endless requests, we got the hint and created a kosher version with certificates for the wonderful tour of the Carmel market and the Yemenite vineyard.
A rich kosher food tour also invites all those who observe the mitzvot to enjoy and taste all the good things that this wonderful market has to offer –
The the loudest “burika”, a natural shake from the first lady of the market, a Yemenite bakery that attracts people for almost 70 years, incredible “Kebab” and quite a few other surprises that we keep in secret 🙂 A kosher Carmel tour that is anything but parve.

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