Evening at the Carmel Market

אם היינו ״טייםאאוט״ היינו אומרים שזה סיור ״היפים והנכונים״ שלנו

What's the plan?

  • Cheeses and delicacies
  • Israeli boutique wine like a king
  • Fine slice at Pizza Night
  • An insane cocktail that will tease your appetite
  • Opening a table in the most famous Greek restaurant on the market
  • A delicious meal at the trendiest chef restaurant in the area
  • A warm and comforting Georgian pastry
  • Special nuts

Tour Type

Cost per participant


Tour Length

2.5 Hours

No. of Stations



Up to 20 persons

Wine in abundance

Israeli boutique wineries

Come hungry!
This is not a tasting tour, this is a food tour!

More info about the tour

If we were a “timeout” we would say it was our “best of” tour. From the most beautiful vantage point in the city to restaurants that have opened their doors especially for us. If to be honest You will probably want to go back with friends to any point you were at. Carmel Evening Tour – For those who knows 🙂

The giraffe protects the environment – in our tours you get a reusable cup and use only consumables!

The Carmel Market and the Yemenite Vineyard Tour in the evening is for private groups only.


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The giraffe protects the environment

Each participant receives a canvas bag

Reusable cup

Using consumables on the tour

Evening at the Carmel Market
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